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Our mission at 8 Water New Zealand is to provide one of nature’s purest water to the world in a sustainable way while increasing the health and well-being of others.
The water’s origin is via evaporation from the Southern Ocean resulting in rainfall and snow over New Zealand’s mountain ranges. The water accumulates in the underground aquifers and surface flow that then is discharged into the South Pacific Ocean. This cycle represents a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested while having minimal environmental impact.
8 Water New Zealand environmental policy
8 Water New Zealand shall fulfill its social obligation as a good corporate citizen, striving for harmonious balance between its business activities and the global environment and taking care to use its resources efficiently and prevent pollution.

8 Water New Zealand will:
Ensure that environmental considerations are included in all aspects of our business operations.
Strive to continually reduce the environmental impact of our business by conserving materials and resources in our operations.
Comply with all relevant environmental law and regulations by implementing environmental practices and procedures that will prevent pollution and adverse environmental impacts. Set and use environmental objectives and targets to drive performance improvement, monitoring and reporting procedures to communicate our performance internally and externally to our stakeholders and interested parties.
Strive to continuously improve our environmental performance and to reduce our impacts through regular review of our activities, practices, and procedures.